‘Milly’s Chandelier’, View at Christian Louboutin, Miami, USA | 2009

‘Mandy’s Chandelier’, View at Artissima, Milano, IT | 2009

‘MMM Fans’, View at ARCO, Madrid and ART Amsterdam | 2009

‘MMM Mirrors’, View at Arco Madrid at Mario Mauroner, Spain | 2008

‘MMM-Marbles’ View at Galerie Joseph, Paris, FR | 2008

‘Fruit basket and ‘Crouching shoe’, View at Studio Madeleine Berkhemer, Rotterdam, NL | 2008

‘Molly’s Chandelier’, View at Mediatheque Lourdes, FR | 2007- permanent

Lamp Series, View at Galerie Sollertis and Galerie Mario Mauroner, FR-Austria | 2007/2009

‘Milly-Molly-Mandy’s Horses’, View at Caroline Smulders and Galereie Mario Mauroner, FR-Austria | 2007

Diamonds | 2006/2007

‘MMM Legs’, View at Galerie Sollertis, Toulouse, FR | 2006/2009

‘Sandwiches’, View at Studio Madeleine Berkhemer, Rotterdam, NL | 2009

‘MMM Cars’, View at TENT., Rotterdam, NL | 2004/2006

‘Virgin in Milk’, View at Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum, Graz and CRAC OCCITANIE, Sète | 2003