La Fab | 2020

Milly’s Maserati at La Fab.

Biennale d’Anglet, Anglet, France | 2018

View at Studio Beige, Rotterdam, NL | 2018

‘Tripots’ View at Bob Smit, Rotterdam, NL | 2018

‘Antonia’, View at Badgasten, Rotterdam, NL |2017

‘Garden of Delight IV’, View at Galerie Boite Noire, Montpellier, FR | 2016

‘Cokkie’s day off’ View at Sammlung Hoffmann | 2016

‘Lost Pearl’, View at the Euromast Park, Rotterdam, NL | 2015

Under the Skin, View at The Dutch Textilemuseum, Tilburg, NL | 2015

‘Felicia’, View at MoetKunsten, Arnhem, NL | 2013

Molly’s Dining Table | 2012

‘Legshow’ View at Mario Mauroner, Vienna, Austria | 2012

‘Garden of Delight III’, View at The New Institute, Rotterdam, NL | 2009-2013

‘Garden of Delight II’, View at Tropen Museum, Amsterdam, NL | 2010

‘Garden of Delight I’, View at Collection Henk van de Berg, Heerjansdam, NL | 2010